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Wooden Collection

Our laser engraving service is not limited to watches, you can also make your new sunglasses.

Arcturus Stainless Watch

Hand crafted by excellent wooden watchmakers in the industry, this Arcturus stainless steel wooden watch combines two of the most sophisticated watch materials available. It is a versatile timepiece with chronograph date and luxury wood-metal strap. It comes with exceptional features, which include stop watch, moon phase, complete calendar and more for an exquisite performance you or your loved one will surely adore.

Arashiyama Polarized

Arashiyama Polarized Wooden Sunglasses is the perfect sunglasses if you are out on a trip in a tropical island. Designer and original wood eyewear creation, these polarized wooden sunglasses uses bamboo wood. Lightweight, durable and eco-friendly, it does not only make it comfortable for wear but also stylish and great for eye protection too.

High quality Wood

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Polarized Sunglasses

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